A Collaborative Poem – The First Time I Caught Sight of You

A Cheryl’s Collab Poem

Sep 3, 2010

© g.abbey aka Deviant Artist

The first time I caught sight of you               (Just Joe)

Against the sky so sunny and blue              (Michelle K)

I knew I’d always remember you

Under a rainbow of vibrant hues                 (Sheila A)

So serene, peaceful, and beautiful were you      (Michelle K)

So difficult to just watch and stand still              (LostSoul.L.S)

As you danced under a sea of blue                      (~vivi~)

I drank in the sight of you to my fill

The days, the weeks, the months, they flew       (The Chairman)

As fast as the story winds blew.                           (Michelle K)

The bright lightening the daily finale as the curtain closed

On my happy thoughts of the most delightful you.          (sheila A)

As the lovely morne rose covered with dew,

I knew it rose to shine for you and me.                 (~vivi~)

What the seagull and the robin never knew

As we explored the vast blue sea              (Lady “Cheryl” Death)

Was that what we had was just ours to enjoy

Not shared, nor glared, not like a new toy,

Though I danced provokingly, this was no nun    (JohnLoving1963

Then we lied around just enjoying the sand and the sun.

Deliciously sweet like cherry flavored gum        (Michelle K)

Yet somehow it strangely seems not magical   (Desert Rose)

But all proven, matter of factual.                (Wintah)

As natural as the soaring of the seagull’s.

©g.abbey Sep 3, 2010 (aka Deviant Artist)

A Cheryl’s Collab

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