Tears in Heaven

It appears that I have abandoned this site, but that is in no way true. I have been living through the misdiagnosis, and subsequent death of my father.  It has been a very long, arduous journey, and for him, at least, it  is now over.

During and after, when moments allowed, I made some music, and wrote poetry dictating into my iPhone as I paced the halls of 5 different hospitals.

Dad. The Flyer.

“A flyer went to the skies
To see the morning sun
The flash of the morning light
Glints off his forward strut – what a run..

Free, he knows now, as he soars on wings
Held up by nothing but air.
Flinging himself with a voice that sings
Proud of himself for the dare.

The mountains are far,
his destination in sight
His dreams not yet out of reach,
he sees them fluffy white

As the further he flies,
the harder the sky
Holding down those
Great mountain highs.

The skies are so empty,
There’s nothing in view
Does he dare take
the path of the few?

His voice bouncing out
through thin wispy clouds
As he talks to himself,
” not for me, those shrouds”

The shudder of the wings,
as the little plane slips
Out of place, falling fast,
no radar, no blips

He knew his day would come,
he knew he could not stop
What is meant to be done.
Hoping to land at the top

Gone now as he sits.
In the catbird seat.
Captain of the ship,
but not of the fleet.

A flyer went to the skies
To see the morning sun.”

(c)g.abbey Wednesday, Sept 4, 2013

6 thoughts on “Tears in Heaven

    1. My soul is me. It doesn’t even really belong to me, it belongs to the universe and it is begging to be let out. It is very sad to me that so few people in this world, including my relatives, really know me. Maybe that is a good thing, but I do not think so. This is a very lonely world – our world of great technology. We have at our disposal the resources to connect to people around the world, but in the process, we are more isolated than ever before in the past. If just a few people are brave enough to start telling what they really think, maybe the world will become a more friendly place in which to live.

  1. you touched my heart, Abbey.
    “We have at our disposal the resources to connect to people around the world,…” –
    and it works well!

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